Nine Dot Writing 'Fakoo'

The basis for the nine-dot-watches and nine-dot-displays is the
Fakoo alphabet, in which the presentation of all characters
is defined by only 9 switchable surfaces. Nevertheless,
the text is easy to read and without confusion coded.

Fakoo Alphabet as tiles font

The Fakoo Alphabet was originally developed as writing
for the blind and the sighted and therefore all characters
represents on the principle of similarity with only 3 x 3 dots.

The 9-dot font is therefore particularly suitable for small
displays to show more text informations on the same area:

LCD modul 21 x 65 pixel

The following comparison with different pixel and segment
displays shows, in case of space problems particularly the 9-dot font
'Fakoo' is more effective and still allows a confusion-free text representation.

comparison pixel and segment displays with the 9-dot-display

In the Fakoo font beside all printable punctuation marks
and special characters also a lot of special symbols and
even small letters are defined. The small letters are difficult to
read and therefore should remain reserved for special applications.

Fakoo ASCII Table

More informations about this writing can be found on the German page www.fakoo.de / fakootexte
MUSTER in Fakoo

TTF-Font for Download (with uppercase characters only):

look also on fontstruct.com

For better readability only uppercase letters in running texts are used.

The following pages about clocks are all in German
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